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And it’s like I don’t want to be me anymore

— 2 weeks ago


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I like the idea of you just not
Being with you

— 1 month ago

All these apologies

I don’t need them

I don’t want it

It’s pointless

— 2 months ago

We could be better

— 2 months ago

Your hurtful words
Kills me every time
Though I don’t think you know it
You blame me for everything
You never take responsibility for your actions
You are suppose to be the figure I look up to
But you’re not
I’m done
I’m not your punching bag
I’m not your rag doll
So stop
Because you are the one who’s gonna regret this
This pain inside me
This hole I have in my heart
This life I don’t want to live anymore
This is what you’ve done to me
Are you proud?

— 2 months ago

I swear she’s gonna make me crazy

— 2 months ago

The living will keep on living. That’s life

— 2 months ago

I will get tired
He will get tired
And soon
It will all end

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F: “You think I’m crazy.”

G: “Wait.What.No….No.”

F: “You don’t have to lie. I can tell by the way you look at me.”

G: “I honestly don’t think you’re crazy. You’re,um, different.”

F: *Slight laugh* “Hm right. Different.”

G: “Yeah, I mean in a good way.”

F: “Different is not good. Not when everyone thinks you’re a complete psycho.” 

G: “You’re not crazy or psycho. You’re different. You’re human.”

— 2 months ago

You make me want to smoke my life away

— 2 months ago
🙏Jeni Suk and Brandon🙏

🙏Jeni Suk and Brandon🙏

— 3 months ago