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Problem after problem

— 3 days ago

And that’s the thing about you
You expect everyone to
Love you
And that’s not always the case
We don’t want to bow down to a queen whose heart is as burnt as a coal
Because you need to realize that you are as flaw as anyone else in the world
You are perfectly imperfect
We will acknowledge your title until you give us the entitled respect we deserve
That is all. That is it. That’s that.

— 1 month ago

Don’t take people to seriously
Forget all the meaningless conversation you had with them
Forget all the memories you shared with them
Forget to forget
Because one day, they too will forget about you.

— 1 month ago

I have your back,
Don’t you worry about a thing.
So where were you when I needed you that night.

— 1 month ago

I had a guy looking for love in me once.
I never thought love even existed for me.
He was determined to find it.
He kept knocking on my door for days.
And finally I let him in.
I was able to feel something.
Feelings that words can’t even explain.
We had something special. I thought.
Until he realized that he was at the wrong door.
And love was just next door.

— 1 month ago
Anonymous asked: What are your daydreams about?


Could of.
Should of.
Would’ve of.
You know.

— 2 months ago

I don’t know if I want this anymore
It’s so complicated.
The way I feel about you.
The way things are.
I thought I could give this a try.
Now here I am. Thinking about what I should do next. My feelings are real. I didn’t give you my all, no, I didn’t…I know..But trust me I tried so hard…
It’s a scary feeling you know.
You wouldn’t understand. I don’t expect you to. You say “we’re in this together.” But how come I feel so alone even though you’re beside me. Maybe this is not complicated. Maybe I am complicated.

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And it’s like I don’t want to be me anymore

— 3 months ago


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I like the idea of you just not
Being with you

— 4 months ago

All these apologies

I don’t need them

I don’t want it

It’s pointless

— 5 months ago